Thursday, October 18, 2007

talked until 2 am

it looks like it rained again last night while we were sleeping, I am sure that this storm will eventually get over to mississippi and alabama.

had another long talk with sverre about 'stuff' and he is adamant about moving, he truly hates texas but we are not even going to put our resumes until after jason has a permanent duty station and krys is settled.

mean while today I am going to finish picking up the house, it has really 'gone to hell' in the last week with my 'other job' as a mom with a camera. while krys is at work, I will sort through her 'treasure' collection and move it to storage so that we have enough room to move through the house, that seems to be sverre's second worse issue, the first being the number of days that krys's dogs were here while we found them a suitable place to stay.

we have lost power here three times in the last two days which has cut into my photo processing time. I have 50 parents that are really looking forward to the pictures. one mom, Cole's mom, told him that if he didnt smile for his pictures that he could not go hunting with his dad at the deer lease and that she would give him a spanking when he got home. I felt so bad for the little guy (3 years old) that we worked REALLY hard to make sure that he got a photo and not a butt beating last night. he finally warmed up and took his picture. heehee