Friday, October 05, 2007

back on the scales

okay, I do not know why the up and downs are creating ups and downs, but fine. back down to 148. augh. why couldnt I just hover around 145 instead of 150? blech. maybe it is the muffins? maybe it is the chocolates? maybe it is the open bag of potato chips on my desk. heehee probably.

got krys's storage signed yesterday, she can now start filling it up and getting out of her house. I am seriously considering moving my entertainment center out of her room, there is just no room in there. she needs to move in the crib and a queen size bed and dressers. augh.

breakfast, I really tried, I hard boiled 4 eggs, but they are still in the pan. I made some tea and drank most of it, so I am hydrating. AF seems to be leaving, yahoo!

oh check this out... crap.. it has already slipped my mind. what is up with that? I swear, one minute I have a thought, the next it is gone. poof. there is a little twinge behind my right eye, must be a brain cramp. heehee

okay, so the house is not going to clean itself. I am getting caught up on my tv shows. but ultimately, I am just procrastinating about getting my fall promotion out too all my customers. bad bad bad kitty kat.