Monday, October 29, 2007

Parliamentary Procedures

a male recently attacked me verbally in a public place, without merit. I discussed this with a neutral third party, while the wife of the male was eavesdropping. a second man verbally attacked in on a related issue, It was really not my day. when the first two men complained to a supervisory figure, he pulled me aside and counseled me. I related the second incident that I found to be much more aggressive as well as vindictive and therefore more abusive and disrespectful but upon reflection, both males were entirely too hostile and belligerent.

during my discussion with the supervisor, the wife again eavesdropping, interrupted with her defense of her spouse. of which was not a solicited response and totally unnecessary. Immediately, I determined if her husband was antagonistic #1 or antagonistic #2. She verified that he was #1. I promptly informed her that he was not the topic of discussion and that since this was not an open forum, her commentary was not necessary, nor welcomed. I also explained that should she continue to voice her opinion, I would have to remind her that in deference to the rules of parliamentary procedure, as that her comments added no value to the discussion, the chair would not recognize her or listen to her tirade.

I swear, the drama at social event with adults is just never ending.