Sunday, October 07, 2007

Totally Venting.. refraining from all caps

I have no idea how other people move. some may hire someone, I do not know. personally I take advantage of the opportunity to de-clutter, and clean. to get rid of junk and start fresh. I get my boxes months in advance. I pack at leasure and I make sure that every thing is boxed, sealed, labeled.

when moving day comes, I hire a truck, and 4 loaders. they come and it takes about 4 hours to load everything and then I pay them and leave. when I arrived at my hesitation, I hire 4 unloaders, and it takes about 2 hours to put everything in the house and I am done. I get the loaders from where-ever I am renting the truck, and they usually deliver or return the truck for me. it is extremely convenient and they usually work for beer money. Where ever you find rental trucks, you will find "good ol boys" willing to help a girl out.

however, my daughter. oh gracious. my daughter. still has not finished packing and the truck has come and gone. she has had three months to prepare. she has had months to get ready. she has put off everything until the last second. she still has not packed up her ever loving bed and dresser.

Friday night before the truck arives, she should be packing, she wants me to watch her baby and someone eles baby while she goes out to a movie. I have been watching her baby every day for the last week, sometimes over night for well over 18 hours. I say no. she thinks I am being rude. I think that she is insane for going out to a movie when she is supposed to be PACKING!

I tried to help this week, but she just dwaddles. they were supposed to be out of the house on the 1st and use this week to clean. I hired a truck on the 6th, brought it with me, and she was packing boxes and I was packing boxes and we did not utilize all the head space. we got 'most' of the furniture in, all of the 'heavy stuff' but it should have been a one shot deal. load it to the top, haul it over in one shot and be done with it. now there will be several trips with the truck to get everything moved over. what a PITA.

but at least I do not feel obligated to help out other than getting the damn truck unloaded and back to the store.

now for the truck... she swore it was broke down, that the ignition wire was loose. well I picked her up and drove her to work, picked her up and drove her to lunch, and drove her home from work for a week because I am a door mat. Talked to Jason, figured out that it was just out of gas. filled the tank up and now it runs fine. what a PITA.

the truck is fully loaded, ready to be unloaded, but she couldn't do that last night, she had made plans to go to the bar and that takes precedence! nope, I can pay $20 for another day rental, just so long as she can go to the bar with her friends. since the dolly HAD to be returned by morning, I started to unload the dryer and the refrigerator that MUST have a dolly and she threw the worse kind of fit. she is so inconsiderate that I can not image getting through the next 4 months without killing each other. it will be horrible at best.

she can not pack, she can not maintenance a truck. she is rude and obnoxious. where did I go wrong?

phone rings.

Jason got mugged last night, he was held at gun point and they stole his wallet with $26 and both kid's ID, and social security card and military id card. and lighter. good lord. they had no freaking business being out last night, they SHOULD have been PACKING!!!

now today we are supposed to have a leisurely goodbye brunch and photo shoot, but I doubt that will happen, I feel like I am in the car with Ray Charles driving.