Tuesday, October 30, 2007


work... omg yes, I have work to do.

I have a monster session to proof... 481 images, I want to only show the best 75

Jordan is being a total whiney butt, really getting on my nerves lately because he thinks that he needs to be held 24/7. I pick him up about every 20 minutes, hold him until he starts getting into stuff, and then put him back down. eventually he will learn to play on his own.

he is crawling like crazy. and pulling up on everything, he is advanced like his mom and will be an early walker if he gets enough floor time.

took the family sans Sverre camping, made a butt load of smores.
we went really fancy marshmallow forks that work well for hot dogs as well. had so many smores, that now my whole colon is screaming at me. ;) good news is that I am still at 146 lbs.

speaking of camping.

we got a new tent (10x13). and while it is better for the space on the floor, it doesn't retain the body heat as nicely as the smaller (6x9) one did. the boys had a blast hanging out with all the other cub scouts and the lake was beautiful.

still having issues with Krys not wanting to put more of her stuff in storage, she truly doesn't have the room in her two rooms for it all and she has a 10x20 storage with tons of room that is only .9 miles away so it is not like she has to drive or anything to get something. very frustrating. I took another load over last night from the garage, I really need to be able to get to my studio equipment and she is totally blocking me.

the current book that i am reading is called dragonfly in amber, it is the first sequel to Outlander and is just as good as Outlander although in a different way. While Outlander focuses on the romance of Claire and Jamie this book focuses heavily on the political aspects of the time Claire has traveled back to.

I also need to edit some more of the 'class' photos from the school that I did last week. so I really shouldnt be peeking through the campout session, huh?