Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh baby!

first off, that cold that baby Jordan had last week, didn't think much of it? well now Sverre and I both have it and it SUCKS! I took two three hour naps today in between decluttering and I am still wiped out. Alka seltzer plus last night before bed and cough drops with 10 g methyl today.

but I am perseverring and nearly ready for photo-op of the progress. my office is 90% moved over, my room is TRASHED though with my personal photo project and a butt load of frames that I need to garage sale since we do not do 8x10's around the house anymore.

I still have to order two orders of prints, but since they will not hit production before 11 am tomorrow, I will let them 'sit' for now.

now back to work to get the rest of my office moved over, the boys room cleaned out and then the 'next part' of the project which is organizing my mini projects in my office so that I can actually TACKLE them this month.