Tuesday, September 11, 2007

am I really? yes I am really


yes, I am really moving to norway. I do have my passport and for the moment, I am ready. I THINK.

Magnus bottom is doing 1000 times better. which is a really good thing. he is still not going often, but he is not uncomfortable when he goes. and no blood. ALWAYS a good thing.

as for my girls. I am taking a pair of heavy duty bolt cutters and cutting my girls umbilicord. they are the worse kind of me-llenium children and have turned me into a class A Black Hawk Helicopter parent and I am just about out of patience with them. jazz needs a new computer, momma, krys needs her power bill paid, momma, jazz needs to see her nephew, momma, krys needs car insurance, momma, jazz needs a doctor co pay, jordan needs a new carseat, krys needs her vehicle running, momma. jazz needs new tires, momma, krys needs a cell phone, momma

this momma is not sending a forwarding address to the junk mail either. ;)

krys / jordan are moving BACK HOME again, this month since jason is joining the marines and they will have no money and i am sick of paying her car insurance, phone, water, garbage, sewer, electricity, and groceries. so this will save me about $600 a month.