Saturday, September 08, 2007

Blackhawk Parent of Generation Me-llinium kids

omg, I am guilty as charged, too funny. I do not 'helicopter' but I am a blackhawk (rescue) parent. giggle giggle

taking Krys to get an application. guilty

taking Krys to turn in application. guilty

calling Krys to make sure she is out of bed for work. guilty

going out with Krys to make sure she is hanging out with the 'nice' people at a bar. guilty. but not more than once a month.

finished the baby's session and custom designed birth announcements. that is one stresser off my plate.

sold the lunch meat slicer for $65, and got a $100 payment check, so will go to the bank monday. pay more bills off, less stress. sverre and I are going out tomorrow, to a concert, will have fun.

baked a new recipe today. made home made p'butter cookies using reeces p'butter and after I put each cookie on the sheet, I stuffed 5 milk chocolate chips into the dough and then baked for 12 minutes. HOLY CRAP they are good.