Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to Erik

he had 10 guests yesterday for his party.
Nick, Luke, Allie
Ruggie, Anna, Angelica
Brandon & Hannah

we decorated brown sack lunch bags for taking home 'gifts & prizes' with markers, stencils and paper punches. the 'prizes' were fruit snacks from Ausome Fruit Candies, pencils, hot wheel cars, hair accessories.

we played a game where you pass a wrapped present around a circle while singing happy birthday, when you stop singing, you unwrap the present, inside is another wrapped present. and you start over until you get to the last present and that person gets the prize, we went around 5 times.

he blew out the candles on a chocolate cake with spider man on it.

one of his gifts was silly string, and they had a blast with that in the back yard.

the last game we played, erik was blind folded and had to guess who was the poor kitty that was meowing, he guess all the guys easily, but it came down to the last three girls that he couldnt tell apart.

he set up a target in his room with the white board and used markers to make a bullseye to target practice with his foam dart gun.

he got some kewl car toys, a shadow the hedgehog game for his gamecube, and the highlight was the Ninetendo DS Lite with games (Brainage II, Harry Potter Order of Phoenix, Hannah Montana, Dogz, Pokémon Diamond Version, Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team, SimCity, from both grandparents and some Osbourne books.