Monday, September 03, 2007

Baby Jordan - 6 Months Old

Sunday night his momma dumped him off to get a good nights sleep at his g'mas and he did really well. to start out he was trying very hard to crawl all over g'ma's office floor, and he did make it a few feet.

At dinner he was good about eating his sweet potatoes, but then he got indignant. So g'ma started his bath in the sink and then finished feeding him and that was quite alright. With dry diaper and clean p'j's, he took his bottle and snuggled up with Magnus for a bedtime story.

We read the first four chapters of an Osborne Tree House book and he was out like a light. Magnus was letting him hold his finger and Magnus covered up his toes so that he would stay warm and then Magnus went to sleep. sometime in the night, g'ma moved Jordan to his own bed in the nursery.
Early Monday morning, Magnus went in to check on Jordan and kept him company while he slept.