Wednesday, September 26, 2007

diet honeymoon ends.. return to reality

my honey moon is over and now I am back to where I was as far as nibbles and it could go up hill in a heart beat, already I noticed that my clothes are fitting more tightly, but I flat refuse to go back. each day I resolve to stick to the basics and hope for the best.

yesterday was a HORRIBLE stricture day.

today was interesting

cream of wheat
24 oz tea

lunch: (sample tables at grocery store)
micro slice of pizza
2 cheery tidbits
6 oz tea

1 hardshell chicken taco with cheese, sour cream, and mushrooms
16 oz propel

tv dessert:
28 oz tea
3 chocolate / caramel covered peanut clusters

overall weight, up to 150.5 lbs which is still only .5 lbs over goal weight, which can easily be dismissed as not a danger to have a fluctuation, or accepted as part of the extra skin hanging around. but it is still a danger signal that the chocolate has to go, and the veggies need to come back. so the 'majic' wand waving is over, now it is all about self control, good choices, and while I still only consume SMALL portions, never get in more than ONE slice of pizza or ONE taco, I can still gain weight. and that is taking some getting used to. my body is just not psyched out anymore and insists on holding on to any empty calories.

The shameless hussy!