Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a little something about each of my kids

Five (5)

Jasmine.... creative, humongous heart, she spend the night in the hospital room with me when I had both of my younger sons, running and fetching for me, the Drs say Bipolar, I say Dynamic, if she is not Tigger (bouncy) she is Eeyore (sad and blue) constantly striving for Pooh

Krystal... the little momma since she was 5, always the 'grown up one', she was with me every minute during my surgery and the hospital stay, she is Kanga

Naomi... still talks to angels, she is the pure one, the Drs say Autistic, I say Ausome.

Erik... the future photographer, he loves to work the camera, from in front of from behind, he is my snack buddy, I eat what I can, he eats the rest. he really has gone on this journey with me. he is truly an accomplished brown noser.

Magnus... the sensitive one, he is painfully shy, easily hurt, he comes in and snuggles with me every single morning before school. I was gone for 6 weeks during the summer and it took him 7 months to 'trust' me again.