Friday, February 16, 2007

finding my mojo

let me tell you about grandmothers.. we are not nearly as sure about some things as we were about our own.

my daughter starts every conversation with:


gracious. most of the time yes. however. sometimes no. she is not sure why he is sucking her dry. heehee like she is doing something wrong. no. supply and demand.

he is doing this or that. normal. sorta. heehee

he is adorable. I wish that I was 'in the mood' to shoot him more. but I am just so stressed with all the other things going on my my life that I just can not get my mojo going.

I was extremely fortunate that I was able to get through a session on monday. it was a retake from 10 day prior when my batteries were being stupid in my lights. now I know to have lots of spares.

I love the blonde hair, but it gets very oily and dirty in a matter of hours. so before his next session, he will get a bath and shampoo.