Friday, November 21, 2008

THAT DOCTOR was right...

UPDATE... Lean Meats and Leafy Green Vegetables... I Read a new book, it is about controlling your blood sugar and hypoglycemia. now since we have all been at this for awhile, we know what we can and can not do. what I did was increase my beans to increase my fiber and what I didnt know is that beans are a simple sugar. who would have freaking guessed that? I can eat a glazed raised donut and have no reaction, but I eat four cookies with pinto beans and oatmeal in them and my blood sugar went through the roof. LESSON LEARNED. not all good things are good for you.

as for the girl issues... Perimenopausee is an ugly ugly ugly beast. now while a hysterocomy may only be a bandaid on a broken leg, for now, it appears to be my only solution. irritability, mood swings and irregular periods JOY... I increased my flax seed and it has shown a marked improvement. I increased my progesterone and I made me mean as hell. ;-)

as for the initial reason for being here.. my weight has gone from 285 to 143 and now is at 157. I am watching my portions, watching my glucose, nibbling throughout the day on proteins and cutting out all milks and beans now. we shall see if I can find the right ****tail to get the weight off, the glucose down, and the hormones in check.