Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sofocating from Stress

today is a quiet day for me. I cleaned the house, did the dishes, wiped down the counters, scrubbed the fridge yesterday before restocking it.

taught the boys to make breakfast burritos (1 table spoon burger, browned, scrambled in two eggs, sprinkled some cheese and rolled up in a flour tortilla)
made all the beds, picked up all the dirty clothes, flushed all the toilets, and am
resting in bed. I read a little. I really need to finishing proofing a session from Saturday, to raise enough money to pay my sales tax to the state in January.

My heart is still beating erratically with the stress of shopping yesterday. Sverre gave me $200 for groceries. which for some reason, just didn't last like it should.
I went to Costco and got grapes, and hamburger, and laundry soap, crackers, and sugar, and that would have been fine, I am sure. but the laundry soap was not scent free, so I have to take it back. and I went to HEB and got a turkey, and they gave me a second 20 lb one for $5 and who turns that down, even if it is not organic? I threw it in the bottom of the freezer for a rainy day (January 2009 by my calculations) heehee I got three sacks of flour, we ran out and I HATE that feeling, and I got sweet potatoes, and flour tortillas, and milk, eggs, and cheese, along with some maraschino cherries, whipped cream, frozen pineapple, and pecan pie. I also got chocolate chips, and I used coupons up the whazoo, even had some for the yogurt. the bill for HEB was $175. which wouldn't have been so bad except the $175 that I spent at COSTCO (okay, I got some socks for the boys ($30) and some sleep pants for me ($25), and a Christmas present for Jason ($25) and Joan ($22) all of which I looked for at a second hand shop, but was unable to find what I needed used. so the groceries were $275 and HOLY CRAP, it all fit in my side by side and I shopped the sales and used my coupons and to advantage of where house shopping. so Sverre was irritated to say the least with me this morning and the difference has to come out of my business account, which sucks.

I did do a really kewl thing though, I found three King size pillow cases that I needed for my bed, at a second hand shop for $1 each and I used them to wrap the used books that I found earlier for the boys. pretty ingenious. I have not bought wrapping paper for a couple of years now, and I am thinking that pillowcases are the way to go. reduce, reuse, recycle. ever since my dad burned up his Blackhills gold wedding ring in the fire one Christmas, I have always hated throwing away wrapping paper, now I may do away with it all together!