Monday, May 19, 2008


it all started with a decrease in sex drive, which was strange considering that I am such a young woman of 42 years old. I thought, just Perimenopause. I went to my regular doctor for my annual... she did a pap smear, a EKG, and referred me for a Mammogram and a vaginal ultrasound and they found several chicken egg sized fibroid tumors on my uterus that has caused the intercourse to be painful and that tends to make people decrease the sex drive, if it keeps hurting, DONT repeat is what the body says.

the strange thing is that I do not have long periods, but I do have frequent ones, every two weeks, so I can wait it out, once I am through menopause, the tumors should shrink or I can increase the progesterone levels and hope that the tumors will shrink, or I can have a surgery to try to remove the external tumors (outside of the uterus) or I can have a Hysterectomy and remove the tumors that are growing in the walls of the uterus.

all of which foretell that the next 10 years are not going to be pleasant anyway you slice them.

I have had one progesterone treatment and was so stressed that I made myself ill. my life is extremely hectic right now and I do not feel that taking time out for me is going to be something that I can even contemplate. Dear husband is doing the cooking tonight, while I am sitting here drinking my water.

that being said, I had a dentist appointment for a crown this morning, I got the weeks shopping done, the boys had a chess club end of year award and picnic, followed by swim practice, followed by desperately searching for the library books that are overdue, and the house still looks like an F5 tornado hit.

I did get three loads of laundry done and hung out to dry, my bed made, my bedroom floor vacuumed and a couple more pages done on Erik's Cub Scout Annual Scrapbook. I do however need to google WHITE CHICKEN ENCHILADAS because I am hungry for some. ;)