Sunday, May 04, 2008


G'pa Sherman's birthday...

Set up for the Messiah Lutheran Confirmation Photoshoot and then went to Panera for breakfast, back for the shoot, done in minutes instead of hours, getting really good at this!

Birthday lunch at China Buffet, sorry that g'pa missed it, fortunately for him, it was GROSS..will not go back there again. on the way out my baby toe got caught in the door and sliced it pretty badly. Not a lot of sympathy from the girls, I sopped up the blood with one of Jordan's Diapers. wretched monsters.

they were adamant that I go with them for haircuts and spa day. they did stop at Walmart and get a first aid kit. mighty white of them. they actually wanted me to walk in there and get it myself.
wretched monsters.

after wash, hair cuts and styles, (my treat dontcha know) I went home, and they unloaded the camera equipment and left me in peace.

Dinner was homemade Pizza, courtesy of a very sweet Sverre. and early bedtime.