Friday, May 02, 2008

Sweet Tomatoes

After visiting the vampires and giving 8 vials of blood for them to feast on... spent the day puttering around the house, trying to clean and organize. Low motivation lately has kept me from really wanting to keep up with everything.

sent orders in for printing, getting ready for the Cubbie day on Saturday. Picked them up before dinner.

Met up with Jazz, Krys and Jordan at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Erik and Magnus and Sverre were there as well, it was a BIG table.. heehee 4 adults, 3 kids, $56, seriously not that bad.

Afterwards, we zipped over to REI and got Sleeping bags and airloft bedrolls for the boys for camping. while the sale was okay, we did much better getting last year's models on the bags and that was more inline with the prices that I wanted to pay. $60 for a 10+F sleeping bag is plenty.. I was expecting to pay $100 and really was not looking forward to that. Seriously the bedrolls were more expensive than the bags. but well worth it. looks like we will be out at least 3 times a year or more now with scouts alone. Maybe even more this summer.