Thursday, August 05, 2010

what is for dinner?

I am so hungry...

Intense Mother of 5 children: 3 girls (twins) and 2 boys (year apart), three of which are special needs children, Breastfeeding and car-seat nazi, Grandmother of 1 ¾ precocious turbo tykes, Jordan is age 3, Lily-Anne is Expected by Halloween. Clucking Mother(hen)-in-law of two Marines too deploy to Afghanistan for second tour this fall. Passionately involved Boy Scout Leader with fervent expectations of one Webelos and one Tenderfoot and fiercely patriotic. Professional Portrait Photographer of some epic note. Eco-terrorist and proponent of electronic and digital education. College Graduate with Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Minor degrees in Geology and GIS (Computer Cartography). Wife of Sverre (eco-minion) whom is a I.T. Guru at H.P. Deeply committed to community volunteering.