Tuesday, August 10, 2010

family status...

okay, so I am shocked that this is a shocker.. I double checked, my last update was JANUARY??? surely I sent out an update since then??? what is up with that?

okay.. so it must be time for AN UPDATE....

from the bottom:
Magnus is beginning Year two of Home school, he is in the 4th grade and begrudgingly doing his work. He is in a charter school system, funded by the state of Texas, with education dollars, he is taking 9 courses and it takes him 6 hours to do get through it each day. the program is called K12 and they are pretty intense, I call it prep-school. Magnus was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, http://magnusleeamundsen.blogspot.com/2010/04/sensory-processing-disorder.html is where we summarized for those that follow his blog. he is 4ft9in, and 67 lbs, so as far as CDC says for his age, he is normal

Erik is currently in Norway with his dad for three weeks his blog is http://erikcameronamundsen.blogspot.com/ and that is the most up to date of all the blogs covering what we did this summer. He desperately wants to home school this fall as well, I am leaning heavily towards that but his dad is pulling ferociously in the other direction. I think there will be a small war come Sunday Aug 22, with a shot across the bow of the ship once the plane lands from Amsterdam. Erik is a complicated soul. he has a definite preference for female role models, and has beautiful blonde locks that are the envy of the sisters in the family. it brings him in for some serious ridicule from friends and strangers alike. most people are starting to let it go, but there are some die hard conservatives in town that just can not believe that this BEAUTIFUL person wouldn't just be happier if he was more 'boyish'. We are not going to be surprized when and if the day comes for some announcements. We love Erik or Erika (he has several role playing games that he has a female persona and female avatars named Erika)

Naomi, well we visited with Naomi this summer, and she is exactly the same as she was last summer, the summer before, and the summer before that. mentally she is about 6 and for the most part she is happy. she has her good days, and her bad days. she remembers her family, even if she has not seen them for several years. each of her siblings have various levels of connection with her, most are tolerant of her disabilities, Magnus the least, Krystal the most.

Krystal / Jordan are back in California. Jordan came to live with us in February and stayed for 5 months, now his daddy (Jason) is currently deployed to Viper Training in 29 Palms California, for 6 weeks, and then 2 weeks vacation before deployment to Afghanistan. we are terrified, we are getting a flag draped coffin daily here in town, WAY WAY too many casualties. Jordan did have a good visit, and he grew and matured with us, but his momma missed him desperately.

and then there is Jasmine. Jasmine started college in January, she is studying early elementary education, going to teach K-3rd, she lives in Montana, and she and Chase are expecting their first wee one. Chase is in the same Group as Jason, so they will both deploy within days of each other. jasmine is still enrolled, her classes start the end of this month, and baby Lilyanne is due a month to 6 weeks before finals. oh joy. I am planning on going up mid October to help with Lily-anne, taking Magnus with.

as for me, I am still completed dedicated to scouting, went to wood badge training in April (200 hours of community service in the first month) and several hours each month on top of my normal duties as a webelos leader. homeschooling booster member, active in the church, and still struggling to be a professional photographer in an economy that is not conducive to luxuries like portraits.
I do have a outpatient surgery on Friday, so could use some prayers, have to go back in and make some modifications to the gastric bypass, there seems to be some blockage, called a Bezoar are tightly packed collections of partially digested or undigested material stuck in the stomach. lovely.

the husband, augh. the husband. he is still employed with HP, but they RARELY keep anyone past 20 years, and he is already past 17, so we know his days are numbered.

so that is me in a nutshell.