Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chit chat

how Chase meet Jazz, funny thing about that. Chase is in the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton, and hanging out with Jason and Krystal, so when Jazz was there with them, she and he met and hit it off. he is from Washington state and a very patient sweet person that takes way way too much crap off of her. she has had her heart permanently injured from more than one freaking moron so he is a real trooper to put up with her abuse to test his loyalty.

Scouts. let me tell you about scouts. first it was just taking Magnus in to be a Tiger. then it was being the den leader for those 8 little tigers, and then it was den leader for them as wolves, and then Erik had constant falling outs with his leader, so we switched packs, I became the den leader for the Webelos, and lead those boys including my own all to arrow of light (like eagle scouts) for the pack program. now Erik is in the boy scout program, Magnus is in the Webelos program, and I am doubly busy both on a troop level and a pack level. then someone said, hey, you have attended every training that we offer, how about kicking it up a notch, sure, why not. so I went to Woodbadge to be an even better leader. now I am coordinating a hiking program that will benefit the whole church family that sponsors our pack / troop and I motivate them to get out and get more outing in scouting. yesterday we took a boat tour of the Houston ship channel. last week we hiked through the downtown tunnel system and learned about civics, citizenship, and community. the chief of police bumped into us and had a quick chat with the boys. he almost seemed surprised that I didn't jump all over him and blabber away, but I just expect the boys to respect ALL the men in blue, no one more or less. :-)

I am extremely proud of my scouts achievements, my own boys and the boys in our pack, and I am extremely proud that both of my girls are with active duty marines. granted that freaks me out that boy are deploying AGAIN to Afghanistan, but duty to country is a foundation that I believe in strongly. so I help the girls out as best I can, and we just soldier on. I will figure out how to pay off my credit cards one day when this is all over.

as for my July baby, he is so very complicated. I knew something was up before he was a year, but they could not definitively link it to autism, so we just had to work through all the symptoms without any clue. even now, it is difficult to push him to keep going out, if he had his way, he would be a shut in, it is a constant battle but I try to find something for him to do three days a week that requires him to leave the house and interact with other humans.

this summer was INTENSE... for a summary... is complete, is mostly complete, and I am just starting to update on what we did. I guess in my mind, I assume that anyone who is anyone already knows about the boy's blogs. ;-)

as for my tummy, I have never heard of a bezoar and I talk to many gastric bypass people. but I have heard stricture a lot, and that is what the doctor is thinking may be the cause, and a stricture is when the exit hole is too little for the food that was not chewed well enough to pass through and we are warned to cut small and chew chew chew, but frequently many people this far out get lazy and do not follow instructions, so it is a my bad for not doing a better job of taking care of myself.

okay, now I have got to get me some coffee, and find some kind of motivation to do my book keeping today, or the IRS nazi's will come down on my head and beat me to death and take my house for not filing my taxes within my extension. augh augh.