Saturday, July 19, 2008

Missoula Farmers Market

We went downtown and we saw lots of interesting people and items at the Farmers Market

one thing that was the most noteworthy was all the bicycles. There were many bicycle racks to attach bikes too and they were all full. the racks are pretty kewl

This is important to us as a family since we want a community that is bike / pedestrian priority. While the Alternative Transportation - Mountain Line is a nice idea, it doesnt extend past the 'urban area' of Missoula. Like Lolo, Montana. We have investigated Missoula Ravalli Transportation Management but we really would like to see a commutor train that utilizes the rails already in place from Darby Montana to Missoula Montana could even ad through to Kalispell, Montana. We got excited about Missoula in Motion, but it sadly appears to be a long way from fruition.