Monday, July 21, 2008

Driving through the Night

Sunday... a day for rest or for division of property.. we opted for property.
Jasmine needed us to resolve the property in Albertson. G'ma and G'pa's Dodge and Mom's Ford to gather and store bed, recliner, entertainment stand, and grill and whatnot.

Got out of Missoula at 4 pm, got the Ford loaded back up in Lolo at 6 pm, had BBQ sandwiches for dinner and then made it 1 mile out of town before remembering Erik's Baby Blanket, turned around and fetched it, and back on the road. Took a lot of photos with "precious" along Highway 12, went on some different paths including following the Lewis & Clark route off the main highway.

2 hours and Exhaustion set in near Peter King Road (Mile Marker 1000, just shy of Lowell, Idaho. folded down the back seats, moved the gear to the front passenger seat and spread out the sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. the Elevation was 1500 feet above sea level and it was very toasty and no blankets were really needed, just padding for under us. Slept for 4 hours to take the edge off the headache.

Stopped in Kamiah, Idaho and secured some Motrin and water, made it 6o miles before the Migraine made driving shear torture. Stopped near Pardee, Idaho County, Mile (Marker 60), and slept another 2 hours and then the sun came up around 4:40 am... absolutely unreasonable of it to do that.

Made it the last hour easily, only a little brush with the 'law' on the reservation, was 'warned' for going 57 in a 55 (have to watch my P's and Q's) but all was well. Learned about Lewis & Clark (200 years ago) and the Nez Pierce Run and the Ant and the Yellowjacket.