Thursday, June 03, 2010

Can Not Call Surgeon Back

I feel like a failure. I get on the scale and I want to cry. I pull on the clothes that I could pull off without unbuttoning last year and I want to cry.

what happened? first off, people do not change. if they were worriers before, they will be worriers again. if they were stress-o-phobics before, they will be again. what do I do? I put everyone else before me. I am so afraid of being selfish that I sabotage my own health. why? I do not know, because it is easier?

It is easier to empty the dishwasher than to argue with the kids to do it. I hire people to mow the lawn, because it is easier than fighting with the kids to do it and I know that I would juts mow it myself if I didn't hire it out.

so about my health, getting down to the crux of the situation: stress and oxytocin, definitely part of it. Kirkland Trail Mix definitely part of it. diabetes and hypoglycemia most definitely part of it. homeschooling with Magnus and Jordan not helping matters, I rarely "get out of the house" or away from my desk, but that could be an excuse and I am just not in the mood to get away from my desk.

Moving, I put on a Pedometer and I walk 11475 steps a day...
I keep track of what I eat at MyPyramid: