Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heart Palpitations

I do not know about ya'll but I would like to know what happened to my world.

I am still not done with my taxes and they have to be filed today.

I have a photoshoot in Tomball Texas for Jasmine's 5 year old class (she is a private school teacher there for St Anne's Catholic School (she moved from Montana to Texas in March 2008)

I have cub scouts at 6:30 pm, tonight is Den Photos (and I am the photographer) Erik's Den has run-ons (telling knock knock jokes) and Magnus' Den has Cheers.

I have a volunteer appreciation breakfast in the morning, and then I have my annual well woman in the after noon and a special client shoot after that at Vintage Park in the Evening.

the boys have scout fair on Saturday, we are in the middle of Chess Tournament and Erik is undefeated so far... even against 5th graders. he is skilled, but more effectively he is extremely confident player and is very intimidating (he would scare the crap out of me which is method of playing).

We recently went to a cubscout pack camp out at Brazos Bend State Park, went to the astronomy observatory, and next is the 'wolf' graduation and mother pinning ceremony tonight. They are already signed up for camp for June. which falls immediately after.

Swimming Team. Erik and Magnus both made the competition swimming team from the neighboring subdivision. They are now part of the Spring Creek Forest Sharks. they have practice 5 days a week for 1/2 -3/4 of an hour, and competition on Saturdays.

My photography business is still trudging along. but I seriously do not know how I find time to brush my teeth in the morning. out dishwasher went out in February, same weekend as the dryer, I have been to home depot and lowes, but can not find what I want, so we are washing by hand, and hanging to dry on the clothes line in the back yard. good news is that our power bill dropped $50 from same month last year, even with the price hike, so we are really probably saving closer to $75 with the economizing. http://www.barefootsmiles.com

I am drinking more coffee than ever, and my heart is constantly racing with the stress. Erik's best friend spent the night last night, his mom went in the hospital this morning for a hysterectomy, I fell asleep watching New Amsterdam on Replay. There are just not enough hours in the day.

The grandbaby, http://www.jordanjasonmiles.com is just getting so big, I can not believe it. I am constantly amazed at how fast it goes. his daddy is finishing up training in Missouri for the Marine Corp, his mom and his aunt are sharing a house in Tomball, Texas.