Monday, April 07, 2008

extremely short update

we went camping at brazos bend state park and saw alligators on the nature hike, and then the boys played flag football, erik was the running back and Magnus was a tackle.

the boys raced their homemade rocket ships made out of balsam wood, and rubber bands and propellers on fishing line, Magnus got second place for the whole tiger group (double elimination).

then the boys had astronomy lessons, and were able to go into the big telescope in a dome and see Saturn, and 5 moons, and the orion nebula, and the seven sisters, and the beehive, and polaris,

we had Red Hot Apples (brown sugar, red hots, in the core of an apple, wrapped in aluminum foil, and baked in the fire coals for 10 minutes) and gingerbread pudding (gingerbread and applesauce) in a dutch oven, smores, and wieners, and slept in the tent for two nights.

then yesterday, the boys tried out and made the swim team, they will be on the Spring Creek Forest Sharks. they have swim practice every day after school and once school is out, every morning, they have tournaments every Saturday until the fourth of July. they will be in the pool 6 days a week until the 4th of July.