Friday, January 28, 2011


okay, so Tuesday was pinewood derby / cub scouts

Wednesday was Math lab, downtown traffic, three cops in my ''bubble'' at discovery green with my two children obviously not in school and erik had boy scouts and a frantic g'ma calling me to go get her grandson scout 11 miles away and get him to scouts on time.

Thursday was court in the morning, civics class, piano in the afternoon, and science after that, got the entire front yard raked last night, leaves and dead grass and then study island and math class connect / achievement series

today is make up day and then at 4 we have scouts community service project for 2 hours and then I think I will ship the kids off to Friday night live at the Cypress Creek Community Center for 4 hours of P.E. and Socialization. also have to have a check ready for venturing girl scout today for mulch for the front yard.

Erik has to be UP and at Scouts Merit Badge Workshop at 6 am (it starts at 7 am but is a 6 mile drive.

we are trying to get Krystal enrolled at SHSU for PreLaw for the fall, financial aid and taxes done by the end of the month.

still no word on the 504.

waiting for my coffee to brew. last time I took time for me? I had me time in November 24th, 3 hours from 6 - 9 pm LOL

no, I never take 'me' time, it is all about my family, it is my downfall. as for the hubby, he is on his own schedule, we did have dinner last night together, that was different. I even cooked, that was really different. giggle

I was feeling productive after cleaning the yard, and whatnot, so cooked a bow tie pasta / marinara / peas and carrot dish with green chilies and mozzarella cheese.

I think our next big project is to put in a fire pit in the back yard, then I could sit out and roast marshmallows for relaxation. oh wait, that would require that I put in about 20 hours to actually PUT IN the pit. hee hee yeah, see, there I go again.

you know, I keep telling myself, I just need to get through just one more hurdle, I just need to get the twins graduated from high school and my job will be done. I just need to get through Krys / Jason's wedding and my job will be done, I just need to get Krys / Jordan through their first year and I can coast. Jasmines first year in college and then Lilly's first year and just through Erik / Magnus cub scouts, and now Erik's boy scouts, and it just never seems to stop, there is always just one more milestone that I need to facilitate, coordinate, navigate, and orchestrate. now it is getting Erik through to Eagle, and Krystal enrolled in pre-law, and erik / magnus through taks, and there never seems to be an end of my worry and stress that I will drop the ball and leave something 1/2 done.

Now we just need to get through Blue and Gold, which means to do volunteer hours to facilitate donations from the store, to pay for the amenities. I remembered to get the track for pinewood derby, but misunderstood that I was responsible for awards as well. I thought the awards was for Blue and Gold, which I am responsible for as well. and I have truly neglected the outdoor hikes, I must get those schedule as well.and we have four months to plan the Arrow of Light ceremony. And I need to complete my Woodbadge ticket this spring. I would take a walk down the nature path, but no car today, scouts this afternoon, the boys are working on earning Friday Night live tonight, scouts tomorrow, and church chili activity tomorrow night that I have not even begun to prepare for yet. so maybe sunday I will have a couple of hours to just commune with nature. highly unlikely though. heehee

I noticed that the Houston Gem and Mineral show is in November, Friday the 11th is good for homeschool kids, Saturday and Sunday is classes for Scouts and Badges, Belt loops, and Pins.

okay, back to school for us. I have to teach science this after noon.