Wednesday, November 18, 2009

crappy economy

btw.. anyone noticed that there is a recession? a depression? two more of our acquaintances have lost their jobs yesterday. That is just freaking horrible. Makes me nauseated to think about what would happen.

I talked to the CFO of the house, we have 6 months in reserve and we have 6 months severance package if something were to go wrong. still freaks me out.

I just worry about what we as commoners are going to do to survive it. The one family has enough money to stay in their house until the end of December 2009. I do not think that we are anywhere near out of the woods yet by a long shot. I look at where my kids are and it is definitely affecting them negatively.

The one in college is getting a school backpack for Christmas. the one with a baby is getting work shoes for Christmas. we are practical as always.

Case in point dd#1 called asking for a loan to buy deer tags, dd#2 called asking for loan for Rx copay for bronchitis. I do not think that this will get better soon. DH at HP has lost many of his group in last 12 months. something like one in November, two in December, one in May, one in June and now two in November.

We have always been miserly, since I opted to stay home with the kids since 1999, be even more so, we are buckling down, pairing down our services, cutting back on power consumption, food consumption, clothing allowance, no extras.