Monday, October 05, 2009


me, me, me all about me. heehee (monical laugh)
I drink my coffee each day, I eat my cheese sticks for breakfast, sometimes an egg / canadian bacon. I stress out a lot. I drink my propel most days, I eat a steak & my vegetables occasionally, and I stress out ... a LOT. I exercise, I take my vitamins, I homeschool, I worry about my kids. A LOT. and I rarely get a good nights sleep and I wish that I didnt have this pounding headache today and that I could get just an extra 8 hours in each day, not too much to ask right? no I don't think so. now back downstairs for coffee and tylenol. ;) think happy happy thoughts. forced giggle
daily exercise:
I walked all the way downstairs, made coffee, walked all the way upstairs logged onto my computer, walked all the way down stairs to get my coffee, walked all the way upstairs, checked my email. walked all the way down stairs, refilled my coffee cup, grabbed two cheese sticks for breakfast, walked all the way back upstairs. I am exhausted. LOL