Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 years in Progress

updating my personal thread. ;) the harder I try to eat less, the more my blood sugar is fighting me on it. but I am determined to win.

Last night the family teased me about that 1/4 cup of ice cream (homemade) before bed. I told them that I was tired during dinner, they kept at me until I got to bed at 10 pm. I woke up on my own before the sun came up.

Today I had a juicy steak for breakfast. about 2 ounces and a huge mug of coffee. I am serious about going back to the basics. I am serious about telling my family that they are being PITA's and that it is not all about them. ;)

Today is a New day. Instead of beating my self up about what I didnt accomplish yesterday, I want to congratulate my self on what I have accomplished in my lifetime.

I am 100 times better today than I was 36 months ago, I am completely off of all RA medication and have recieved more respect now that I am healthier.
I am a college graduate with a Bachelor degree and two minor degrees. and I am sharing that love of knowledge with my own homeschooled child.
I am a Cub Scout leader, instilling values and morals that contribute to our society in not just my own children, but 8 other boys.
I am a pretty good photographer that helps people preserve their family history. I do not make a lot of money, but I help people.
I am a fantastic mother of 5 really kind and caring kids. People that contribute to society rather than leach off of it. I am a proud mother in law of two Marines serving in Iraq. (I keep the wives safe and supported while the boys serve our country). I am a firm but kind grandma of a terrific toddler.
I am a really really good family historian for my own clan. My genealogy and photo files are Library of Congress in porportions. I will never be rich, but I am blessed.