Friday, February 20, 2009

Day of Disasters

get from San Onofre, California to Clarkston, Washington. 1,348 mi.. had i drove it, it would have been 20 hours, flying... well check this out:

Leave for Airport... due to issues with my 'DRIVER' we left late. there was an accident on I5, and gridlock. we arrived at John Wayne Airport 40 minutes before flight was to take off. that means in Airline speak.

if your flight leaves at 2:30 pm, that is 2:30 out on the run way, that means doors close at 2:15 pm, that means 2:00 board and buckle, that means check your bags at 1:45 and did I mention that it was already 1:55. AUGH.... but I was wearing my two mom stars and they got me checked in, I had a small glitch in security (mini external hard drive looked 'funny' but was sent through with tiny delay, and RAN LIKE HELL to the gate.

first hop: Portland, Oregon. Great Airport... FREE WIFI.. then Seattle Airport.. SUCKY AIRPORT.. No Free WiFi

Next Hop: Pullman Washington... Flight Attendents had a sense of humor... final hop: Lewiston... total time spent 10 hours going up and down, up and down. only to have yet another harsh reality. RUDY. Rudy the truck lives at Gustin Aviation and should have been sitting there. It is a .6 miles hike with all my bags down a DARK road to get to RUDY. Imagine my dismay that RUDY was not where I left him in August.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there was a last cab at the airport when I walked the .6 miles back. it was about a 1971 Pontiac Lemans with stickers for the phone number and a distinct smell of cat pee. I later found out that the $15 faire was payable to Crazy Harold. Scary. but at least 1.5 hours later I made it safely to Motel 6.