Sunday, November 11, 2007

9 kids and not even a PARTY

things are going crazy here currently

had a mom over last night to preview her proofs. she brought her 2 year old

I had my two boys ages 6 and 8

Magnus had a friend over, Nickolas, who is Magnus 'BFF"

sverre invited a friend, who brought his7 and 9 year olds, the dad's left, leaving me with the kids

Krys was getting ready to go out so she left me with her 9 month old while she did her hair and make up

Jenna, who was going out with her, had her 17 month old and her 8 year old that was my 8 year old's BFF and they had a sleep over

so with youngest to oldest we had:

Jordan (<1)
Jasmine (1)
Walker (2)
Nickolas (5)
Magnus (6)
Caroline (7)
Nick (8)
Erik (8)
Cameron (9)

I got a little frazzled, so much so that I didnt even get a photo of all the kids, at the commotion in the toy room and had krys put on transformers to quiet everyone down. we had most everyone out of the house by 9 pm, narrowing it down to just 3 boys, two of which were MINE.

you should have seen the collection of SUV's in the driveway... Jenna has a Yukon, Krys has a Blazer, Chris has a Suburban, Nickolas's mommy and I have Honda Civics, and Walker's mommy had a truck, so we had a street full.
for adults, we had