Monday, April 02, 2007


some say that when you change your obsession from eating and food, it has to be 'channeled' to something else. so some become alc-oholics, sex-oholics, shop-oholics, or work-oholics. guess which one I became? heehee okay, so work-oholic is not a bad thing right? hey, I am happy. life is good. my husband wants to know why I didnt check off 'sex' on the request form last year. dork.

been doing some spring cleaning, now to some, many, most, typing up label cards for a filing system, might seem a little 'over the top' but for my book keeper/accountant/CPA, this is finally 'light at the end of the tunnel' and a godsend, or so I am hoping, I know that they had a hissy fit this year while I was in earshot about my 'issues' and lack of organization and consistency in pricing and stuff. so I am sincerely trying to be a better person. even to the point of 'quarterly' reports instead of annual ones.

as for the food stuff. my tummy has been all over the board.

months 1 - 3: steak (beef or pork)
months 4 - 6: egg & salsa
months 7 - 9: cottage cheese & blueberries
months 10 - 12: cream of wheat

months 1 - 3: fish fillet
months 4 - 6: chicken or salad
months 7 - 9: wendy's chili
months 10 - 12: soup

months 1 - 3: meat and veggies
months 4 - 6:
meat and veggies
months 7 - 9: meat and veggies
months 10 - 12: meat and veggies

got on the scale again today.

148 lbs.

went shopping for clothes yesterday
Misses size 14 top and 2 for bottoms however, I prefer a size 4 for comfort on my belly (hips are 35")

Junior size 13 top and 3 for bottoms (however I prefer a size 5 bottoms)

The sizes for juniors are usually slimmer in the hips and bust than misses sizes, which is why I like to shop the Misses sizes for tops and the Junior sizes for Jeans.

okay, enough procrastinating.. back to work.