Thursday, March 23, 2006


Super duper stressed, friends coming in from out of town, entertaining colleagues, lunches, dinners, lots of eating out, making a good impression. my heart is skipping a beat, I am maintaining my calm.

morning: shower, hair, breakfast, get the boy dressed and ready, make up an information packet for guest, gather up package for client to ship, run to Home Depot, rush to the airport. I would forget my head if it was not glued on!

afternoon: run through walmart for krys to pick up some different shoes, run to the tea room, closed, change of plans, find parking at alternate resturant, eat, window shop in Old Town Spring, run guest through Eskimo Hut (big giggle) run home, try to disengage the boy, he is freaking. run guest to motel, they messed up reservation, get everything settled. call to confirm dinner reservations.

evening: great dinner, 7 guests, just a great visit. absolutely best time talking shop about cameras and photography business. processes and procedures.

KAtkins menu:
breakfast: chicken tenders, eggs, picante sauce, coffee
lunch: salad, ice tea
dinner: chicken tenders, salad, grilled salmon, ice tea

walked for 2 hours.