Friday, March 17, 2006


I didnt call anyone yesterday, dd#2 came over and we watched a movie, how to lose a guy in 10 days, pretty funny. she wanted to negotiate an allowance for the next 6 months, ;-), pretty funny, you can not get them to do chores when they live at home, but now with her own house, working, supporting a dog, cat, and whatnot, she has had a come to jesus, and is back. snicker. not that this is any 'surpize', I did it when I was her age. nothing changes, the world keeps spinning.

I have a bunch of branches and dead vines in the back yard but I couldnt get her to start with that, she said it was to stickery. tthbb. I will tackle it today, I need to get 'outside' anyways and get some 'exersize', was going bike riding, but I am not up to that and the yard needs attention anyways.

My mood is okay today. had a rowl with the neighbor last night over water rights. I was rinsing a muslin backdrop that I had made/dyed. my hose was around back, hers was 'right there', suffice to say that she 'WIGGED' that I was using about 5 gallons of her water without permission. I offered $5 for her trouble. she screamed fine. I gave her $10, she wigged again. I swear. I ended up in a crying jag for the better part of the night. I would never in a million years begrudge anyone water, electricity, or anything if I had it. she said that I was incrediably rude not to walk over, knock and ask. I guess I was. but I should wouldn't want someone to 'bug me' when I am working or whatnot to ask for some water. gracious. just get it and be done with it. ;-)

Spring is definately here, beautiful 73'F and the leaves are out or near out on all the trees. I really want to get the yard spiffed up, and thereby increase my mood quotent. I just need some volunteers to 'help me', mostly it is the comensuration quotent that I need.

KAtkins menu:
breakfast: scrambled eggs, picante sauce, coffee
peppermint ice tea
lunch: fried cod with lemon pepper, sauteed brussel sprouts with salt & pepper
dinner: baked halibut, steamed yellow squash, steamed broccoli

for instance: today (1 hour of chores):
roll up old branches in back yard with twine, sit down until heart stops POUNDING in my throat twice during rolling.
drag branch roll to front yard for trash pick up, sit down until heart stops POUNDING in my throat.
break down canopy swing, into three pieces, haul from back yard to front yard for dd#2 to pick up, sit down until heart stops POUNDING in my throat BETWEEN EACH TRIP.
move 6 potted plants from back patio to side of house (under kitchen window), sit down until heart stops POUNDING in my throat between every two pots.