Monday, March 13, 2006

Over hill and dale

pushing one self is a PITA. I didnt want to keep a guest appointment at my house, so I opted to meet at the park. sounds good so far right? I thought, this would be a good time to 'get some exersize', it is only 1 mile away, I could peddle right? this idea is getting better and better right? well....

the kids always get hungry, so I pack them pbj, oranges, bananas, water. for me, I pack my katkins lunch, and off we go. first off, I am tired before we get out of the subdivision. once we are crossing the major thoroughfare, we nearly get clobbered by some SUV driving momma from hell, she actually passes me on the right, (I am keeping mini me between me and the curb in the turn lane, and turbo tyke is right behind me on his bike) and she screams at me that I am endangering my kids by taking them riding, HELLO, she is passing me and then cutting in front of me and TALKING to me when she is driving and I am peddling. then she just cuts me off, pulls right in front of me, and stops to turn, after all, I was IN HER WAY. I swear.

so we peddle along, make it to the park (like I said, it was one mile and all but .1 was on quiet side and back streets, and we set out our picnic lunch, the kids nibble, but run and play, my friend shows up and her kids run and play, it was great for the standard issue 25 minutes and then there is a sand altercation between my 6 yo and her 7 yo, so I rally them to pack and ride to the next park. about .5 miles away at the school. off we go. we have fun at that park for .5 hours and then, the 6 yo made the 7 yo upset about the 7 yo play gun. *sigh* pack up and I wanna to home, but I am begged, pleaded, cajoled to keep my plan of going to the grocery store 1.5 miles in the other direction. fine. we peddled to the friends house and the kids start terrorizing in a happy way. fine. I rest (breathing like a horse after running the Kentucky Derby) for .5 hours. then I leave my two off spring with her three off spring and I run to the store to get a few necessities, unlocking my bike, call the dh to say, I got the groceries. and he says, oh but you need to get x,y,z. FINE. I lock the bike back up, go back in and get them. back out, again, (I need the walking, right?) and peddle over the fetch offspring. sit down to catch my breath, AGAIN. and here comes 6 yo with garden hose (in March) drowning my 4 yo and her 4 yo. gracious. we rescue the toddlers, chastise the big kids, and change the kids into dry clothes, and start home. I huff, I puff, I blow my self home. 30 minutes to go 2 miles, but I am EXHAUSTED. 6 miles total. tthhbbb

KAtkins menu:
  • breakfast; chicken breast, zuccini, green cabbage, coffee
  • lunch: eggs, romain heart, celery, tuna in spring water, lemon water
  • dinner: cast iron baked cod

6 miles on bike