Saturday, March 11, 2006

Next Chapter

Once more I find myself saying to myself;

This is IT, This time It will work, I have had ENOUGH.

This is the last diet, the last time. I do not know if I will succeed, but I have to try. I have been 'watching my weight' slowing bounce up and down, steadily climbing in 10lb increments since 1984, and after 22 years, I have found that I am hampered both physically as well as mentally by the shell out side of my soul.

KAt-kins Daily Menu:
  • breakfast: baby spinache, eggs, smoked salmon, coffee
  • lunch: steamed asparagus, boneless, chicken breast, cajun spices, organic chicken brothe, water
  • dinner: Monkfish, baby spinach, broccoli, water, water
Peddled, with kids to the park, 2 miles.