Saturday, March 18, 2006


I feel like a clipper ship floating in the doldrums, no wind filling my sails, just drifting around, waiting for the current or the wind to blow me back on course.

I puttered through the house, spot cleaning, dusting here, sweeping there. prodded the boys to clean up the toy room, more like screamed and yelled. they were testing my patience. fussing over the taxes, fussing over spring house 'project' and financing that. worrying over financing 1 trip to europe for BIL wedding (just dh and ds going) and financing three trips to washington (10 weeks total) as well as other projects, going to be an expensive year. I really need to get 'motivated' in the photography, course a phone call scheduling an appointment would help that.

KAtkins Menu:
  • breakfast medallion sirloin steaks, eggs, picante sauce
  • lunch: baked acorn squash, coffee
  • dinner: baked acorn squash, stir fried chicken & green cabbage, ice tea, ice tea