Friday, March 24, 2006

bad bad bad bad bad bad grrl

very very difficult day. extremely high stress and emotionally charged.

solution: high carb intake. guilt, more carbs, guilt, more carbs, overwhelming urge to upchuck, and lots of remorse. back carb crash.

soul searching quest how to live in a carbfest world with giant portions and comfort food. dealing with resturants with huge portions, pushing the plate away during emotionally charged eating, making good choices when feeling emotionally vulnerable is going to be a hard challenge.

Solution: *ha* yeah, like I have a solution, tthhbbb~~ I do not have any answers, I am winging it and flying by the seat of my pants!

KAtins Menu:
breakfast: sun dried tomato bread, coffee
lunch: spinach salad with chicken, water
dinner: shrimp scampi, brocholi, cheese toast, ice tea, ice cream

walked some, sat some, moved some, took some photos