Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When to fish, When not to fish

fish for breakfast is not a good thing, esp smoked salmon, it bubbles up with each belch.. blech.
fish for dinner is not a good thing, it digests too fast and 2.5 hours later, your hungry again. grr
fish for lunch is pretty good. goes down easy, you know you have another meal in sight, life is good.

KAt-kins Daily Menu:
  • Breakfast: eggs, picante sauce, butternut squash, Coffee
  • Lunch: cod fillet, lemon pepper, canola oil, asparagus fried, cajun seasonings. peppermint decaf ice tea
  • Dinner: pork loin, green cabbage, yellow squash

Peddled, pulling trailer to the market to get dinner fixin's, 4 miles.Walked 1 hour through costco, more self deprivation than exersize.