Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Some Relief

I actually feel better now that the rain has started. my head and body are sort of numb from the constant pain in the last 48 hours, but over all, the barametric pressure change and rain is a blessed relief.

I updated all my finances, have all my online accounts current. I will start packing for my trip, need to take all my marketing samples so that I can put together my 'plan'. I finally got my websites back up, the DNS redirected, all is looking good. need to log onto the portable and update everything, and back up some more images off from the desktop so that I have my images with me.

DD#2 is on the diet with me, having a hard time of it, but is going to try.

KAtkins Menu
breakfast: eggs, turkey sasauge, coffee
lunch; cod, asparagus, water

not today, feels like my arches have fallen.