Thursday, August 31, 2006

Raving Lunatic

The end of Compaq (2000-2002) was so crazy, they would lay of entire departments, just whoosh. Then they would selectively lay off whole groups, the slowly it dwindled down to individuals, sniper fire is what we would call it.

Then HP came in and it started over, two years of entire departments, then entire groups, and then sniper fire. My husband has survived 5 years of hell. He has heard through the grapevine that there is maybe another 8 - 10 months and then his group will be 'up', I would dearly love a hefty severance package about the time that we are ready to depart this warfare type employment. It is just too stressful, wondering if your next, wondering if someone that you are counting on in a project is next. Leaving you high and dry. How can anyone be productive in this?

I 'am home' and I have no desire to volunteer in the classroom. I am finding my own life just so chaotic that I can not 'deal' with one more thing. I was going to sign Erik up for chess club, boy scouts, and swimming but right now I am doing good to get him to the bus each day, okay his dad does that, but I remember to pick him up. ;-)

Part of it is the surgery, my new 'selfish' self-centered lifestyle, worrying about everything I eat, and part of it is the wedding, and everything. Part of it is the financial crunch, and part of it is the getting the house repaired. Part of it is worrying about finding a new place to live, a new place to work, and new friends. And part of it is that I am a screaming raving lunatic!

Breakfast: 1/5 protein bar
Snack: 16 oz zipfizz
Lunch: 1 oz sirloin steak
Snack:16 sf tea
Dinner: 1 oz salmon salad
Snack: 16 tea