Sunday, August 13, 2006


today, I put on a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans, they were 4 inches too small in the waist when I had my first interview with the surgeon (I had a 42" waist)

the day of surgery, they were 2 inches to small, I was a 40 inch waist.

today I put them on and they were 38" and I buttoned and zipped them up and could wigged out of them and pull them off without unbuttoning them. I did it two more times for each of my family. freaked me out. my husband has a 34" jean, and I am going to assume with the 38's so big, I can squeeze into a 36, about 6 more weeks and I can wear his jeans. THAT rocks!

decided to just do the deed and clean out the closet. Threw out the 3X's, then threw out the 2X's and now I just have 1X's and that leaves very little to choose from. I have been adding in two shirts each month, and a skirt here, pants there. so I have two of each to get me by as I go down the bunny slope. two dresses, two skirts, two jackets, two shirts, two tshirts, two blouses two slacks, two jeans and two sweaters.

I do not dare go overboard now since I really have more months to get to my goal and you know that with 12 lbs a month, that will be a big change.