Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mistaking Head Hunger for Tummy Hunger

today is the day! I broke 200 lbs. am I excited, I was more excited yesterday than today, but today is a good day as well.

I move daily, but not all of it is 'excersize' sometimes it is just running errands for the household. I have a pedometer that I strap to my ankle and I move 1.5 miles a day minimum.

yesterday I rode my bike 1.8 miles to HEB, walked around the store and got $25 worth of groceries, and then pedaled 1.8 miles home.

the day before I didnt do anything deliberate, but saturday, I pedaled 4 miles on my stationary bike in the TV room. so it varies from day to day, but yes, every day I move to lose.

as for my changes. when I started this process in March I was 275. when I had surgery, I had lost 10% or 27 lbs and was 247.5. that was May 31. since then I have maintained 1.0 oz of food per meal, three meals a day. when I get head hungry, I drink a 16 oz propel. If I am still hungry 30 minutes later, I eat, otherwise, I go on with my day. rarely do I wait until
I am hungry to eat, I generally go by the clock, and it if has been greater than 6 hours since my last meal, I eat regardless. I eat until I am full and then even if the plate is not empty, I rinse my plate in the sink and walk away.

I think that if you kick start and rededicate your goals, you can make November. I have 49.5 lbs to go and my goal is November 23rd. just 4 lbs a week. if
I can do it (carbaholic) you can do it.

you know. 'hungry' is just that 'hungry' it is okay to be 'hungry' and not eat. the trouble is sitting at a job that is so mind numbing that you are BORED and
then you are BORED hungry. and that could be what is killing you. your are not 'hungry' your BORED. and BORED sucks. ;)

breakfast: 1 oz organic sirloin steak