Sunday, April 22, 2007

Your Fired!

I just fired a client today. they were a pita last year, took 4 months to order, and then 9 months to pick up order, this year they scheduled, and then were a no show, rescheduled, and stood me up a second time today. I made time in my SUNDAY schedule for them. I waited for 30 minutes on location, and then decided to fire them. if I do not take me seriously, no one else will. How is that for some cheese, crackers and whine?

last night, went out with krys to Crawfish Festival... that was KEWL... the funnel cake was the bomb but the crawfish, gave me some 'roils'. some guy said 'hey sexy' freaked me out, giggle giggle

went with Krys to Red River Dance Hall & Saloon that was just as much fun, if not more. may go back weekly now, just for some dancing. good exercise! men dress code, but not women. very strange. no pure white t-shirts for guys. how freaking weird is that? logo shirt: yes, plain: no

Krys and jason were in the usual tiff on the cell, he was drinking at HOJO's and she wanted him drinking at RedRiver. I think that he needs 5 lbs of sugar in his trucks gas tank.