Friday, April 20, 2007

3 months post wedding

I hate disappointment. I hate to be the one that creates it and REALLY hate the one that receives it.

it is so frustrating to be in a situation that you can not 'DO' anything about it. to know that resistance is futile. that you made a choice and now you have to live with the consequences.

I 'thought' that I was making a good choice at the time. I trusted someone to be there for me and when it boiled down to it. it just didnt happen.

even now, three months later, I still feel frustrated that something THAT important, that I SHOULD have taken care of myself, not let go of any control, I KNEW better. I SHOULD not have been so trusting. but I was.

now here I sit and I just am KICKING myself for being dropping the ball on one of the most important decisions that will happen in my life and I didn't make the right choice.

I know that it is my own fault, I should have resisted temptation, and just done the job myself. but I thought something else was more important. so I deviated from my normal, logical and natural position and here I am. sick with frustration and frustrated with regret.

I am the photographer in the family. me. that is just my job. but I THOUGHT I should share the day with my daughter. and BE the mother of the bride. not the party planner, not the cake decorator, not the anything else. just the mom.

fast forward to 3 months later, no professional portraits of the event. the photographer has not sent a CD. or a note. or a call. or anything.