Thursday, April 05, 2007

bobbing for air

yes. I suck. I have not made time to read. I have not had time to write. come to think of it, I have to pointedly make time to go pee!

9/12 was the last time that I had my head on straight!

christmas portrait season
4 daycares:
17 sessions
37 sessions
42 sessions
15 sessions

multigenerational families
15 sessions

2 sessions

installation of a 50" plasma previewing system for proofing my family sessions

two week trip to washington for visitation with Naomi / my parents and Jazz with her 'significant' other and dawgs

18 days to 'Wedding Story" for Krys's wedding

21 days to completely "Trading Spaces" her spare bedroom into a nursery for new baby

10 days to completely "Overhauling" her $800 Chevy blazer into a reliable vehicle

OMG the 'BABY STORY' of Jordan's Arrival

the "ER" version of Krys bronchitis when the baby was a couple weeks old

installation of a full blown RAID5 computer system back up and recovery unit that will save my butt if something happens to my computer.

the 'Mike Tyson' of the post partum fight that Krys and Jason got into

got my book keeping done, taxes filed, and $2500 went to Naomi's dad so that THEY could go to Disneyland.

the 'ROAD TRIP' of driving the chevy blazer to Alabama for a 5 generational portrait and all the whoopla that goes into a 30 person bbq that was thrown together in 3 hours. (that was WILD)

and in the last three weeks:

the 'C' drive crashing on my computer in the middle of proofing daycare number 2
drum roll please:

3 daycares:
38 sessions
23 sessions
105 sessions

now I am not complaining, by any means. I have a session on saturday that will be quiet, and then the following saturday will be a little noisier, with 2 of the 5 session slots "pics in the park' full, but the big 'un, is the 17 sessions I have just booked for May 6th.

I am even begging for trouble, by sending out 300 post cards this weekasking for more work, instead of less.


they say that some people replace over eating with other addictions. some with drugs or alcohol, some with sex or shopping. not me. heehee nope. I have replaced it with WORK. like a freaking maniac!

I have had to go shopping, Junior size 3/5 pants and Women's size 4/6 shirts but nothing overboard I think. my closet is comfortably full, but not brimming.

okay. so anyways, that is my story and I am sticking to it. protein bars and coffee is keeping me alive. ;) holding steady at 145 lbs. I even had time to get my hair cut yesterday and I did cope an hour nap today on my lunch hour.

type to y'all later