Wednesday, April 18, 2007

twenty four hours

Typical 24 hours:

currently I have 31 open orders sitting on my desk, all waiting for prints to come in from Iowa via ups so that I can ship them back out.

I have three sessions that still need to be proofed (delete all the bad ones, fix all the good ones, and shown to the client)

I just got my new printer / fax / scanner installed last night, and figuring out how it LIKES to be orientated

my assistant is moving her office from downstairs to upstairs so that she is more 'comfy' (rolling eyes)

last night I spent the better part of two hours formating a custom mothers day card for a really good client with 50 different kids. this is a pro-bono project

talked to 2 or 3 customers on the phone about their orders, typed about 15 emails to clients about orders and scheduling appointments. designed a \___/ table display that needs to go to the printers (30" x 40") as well as a quick trip to Office Depot for card stock, dry erase markers, display board, and 'stuff'

I took 2 hours off from work last night to watch tv with my spouse... not that I have a spare 2 hours, but that marriage maintenance is critical. so I found it.

yesterday I made a trip to costco and picked up my 'custom card order' for a client, and while I was there, I managed to spend $150 on toilet paper/paper towels/ organic dairy products and protein bars

zipped over to garden ridge and picked up a wrought iron fence to complete a limited edition set that I am working on

dropped into to walmart and picked up my spring wardrobe... they have quite possibly the CUTEST olive skorts and capri's that are to die for. I got some khaki, some olive, some denim, some plain and some with prints.

oh, the grandbaby was here about 8 - 10 hours, so he needs to be held, burped, fed, changed, goo'ed too, bathed, and generally played with. he takes up some time, but what is a grandma to do? say no?

and the boys, Magnus has issues with lunch, so he 'requires' toasted cheese' sandwhich in his lunch box, so I get up early enough to make one each morning, and when they come home, usually they are in a bad mood, so it takes some cajoling to coax them back into a good mood.

I had to go to the mall with my daughter, she got me there under the ruse that she needed balls for her tongue ring, but she ended up playing dress up barbi with me. I ended up with a school girl uniform outfit (the trauma of getting the boy shorts to go under is a whole nother chapter) and a cute olive skort and salmon top with cream lace. I swear, I do not know what I am going to do with that girl.

looked for a Kamelot Tshirt.. no one has heard of them. ;-( so had to go online and order one for me and one for Sverre.

currently in my CD player in the car:
-*-Kamelot -*-Within Temptation -*-Leaves Eyes -*-

I am solidly now in a ladies size 4, tops, and bottoms, so now shopping is easy enough. the juniors and the misses just confuse the crap out of me. I went to kohls last week, and was able to get size 4 junior jeans... I am still not happy with low rise, I am getting more comfy with medium rise, but I usually need a belt. FYI LEI is great for those of us that now have thinner thighs than waist. not sure why. but my 'Dr. Frankenstein' likes me in LEI's. personally I still like me in ankle biters, but that is the 1980's screaming out! heehee

okay, food wise:

1 30 oz coffee with 2 oz 1/2 and 1/2 and 1 tablespoon splenda
3 table spoons of cream of wheat cooked in 1 cup of water with 1 table spoon splenda
2 flint stones vitamins

3/4 of a Wendy's small chili and 2 packets of crackers

four .5 oz pieces of chicken, grilled
4 steamed small broccoli flourettes
3 steamed baby carrots

Before Bed:
24 oz apple cider

I totally need a nap today!