Thursday, April 19, 2007

next 24 hours

it is 10:37 pm and I should so totally call you!

here is a synopsis

got a call at 1 pm yesterday, 2 hours notice, colleague from Norway coming to visit home. oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, we tend to roam the WHOLE house with visitors, so EVERY room is possible target. I do not know HOW I got every bed made, every toy picked up, every desk straightened spotlessly, every bathroom cleaned, all dirty laundry put in laundry room, every clean piece of laundry hung up, folded up and put away, dishwasher emptied, loaded, and the entire house vacuumed, but I did. I got the stove torn apart, wiped down, and put back together, the counter tops and table scrubbed, the kitchen window cleaned, and even a shower and hair washed. but I did. the studio was a small disaster area after 3 hour session on Monday, but I got it put back together. and still put away daily print orders that arrived from printers. answer phones, answer emails, and order more prints.

Erik got furious that I threw away his 'cootie catcher', he punched a hole in the sheetrock in the stairwell

Magnus got very constipated, had to have an enema, missed the toilet with the runs, and finally sat down and pooped a mansize turd and ended up ripping so bad that he had blood trails down the back of his legs. got him his second shower of the day, and triple antibiotic on his bottom.

Erik got sick in the middle of the night, puked on his pillow, his sheets, and the carpet in his room.

Magnus woke up, tried to make to the bathroom, did not, and sprayed poop/pee on the floor, magnus has the worse case of diaper rash I have ever seen considering he has not been in diapers for 2.5 years

Sverre had to have a ride to work today, with both kids in tow, I had to finish up some prints at Costco to complete a 'display' for a new daycare, waiting from them to open, we had breakfast at Dennys

afterwards, we went to Aaron Brothers to find frames for the 10x15 collages, the boys were so out of control, that even when I found something, they would not wait on me, gave up and left without spending any money.

back to costco, bought 'stuff', dropped off at Donald Donuts, on way home, got the boys goodies, opened door to a ringing phone, my cell had been hijacked by darling daughter #2, she was at the pediatrican's office

her hubby, grandchild's darling father, refused to wake up and take the child in for shots, momma was wigging. he got Measles Mumps Rubella in one leg, Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis in the other leg, Polio in the mouth, and hepatitis A in the leg, he screamed without a sound for 5 minutes, and then crocodile tears for another 5 minutes. nurse refused to give him Tylenol BEFORE. I found some at the store, and met her in the parking lot after wards.

had to run with her to wal-mart to get baby new pacifier and new breast milk bottle, and since I was there, Erik decided to play his embarrass mom at the check out into buying a toy. it did not work, and he was FURIOUS. darling daughter announced that she has not had a period since 9 week baby is born, freaked out, thinking irish twins, and then realized exclusive breastfeeding=no period. whew.

fast forward to the 'day', I had to get out 35 daycare orders, double check that I had ordered everything discover that I had double ordered on a couple and shorted a couple people on wallets. hand write 35 thanks yous, enclose magnets. package and pack in boxes, label, and mark orders delivered. create, print, and cut advertising cards to get more 'family' portraits.

run to post office with a 5lb order two .5 lb orders and the rest to the daycare was 10 lbs.

drop off and socialize with old client with a senior in local school. drop off at second old client with a maternity friend about to pop.

rush home and inhale first food since donuts at 1 pm, halibut and carrots and broccoli and coax Magnus to eat something out of the skillet. and then BACK TO WORK

grab some hyrogen peroxide for toe that is ingrown and totally infected. hurts like hell most every day. check email, discover that darling daughter #1 has over drawn account $500 according to her significant other. login myself and discover the error, double charging for direct tv and triple charging for cell phone. poor mutt.

get her coordinated and back to work.

know that I have a probono session tomorrow, trying to get my mojo. still thinking about that call I got yesterday and the Canon 5D that I test drove. okay, so now I have to finish up three sessions from 5-7 days ago, and then maybe get a nap.