Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

awe.. well I took the kids to a church egg hunt yesterday, pouring rain. yeuck had to finally go inside the school to finish the easter party, magnus was in a mood and didnt want to be there. we left early and went to walgreens and got some 'prizes' and some Boudreqaux's Butt Paste for Magnus whom has a chapped bottom from ineffective wiping techniques.

last night I left out pre-made baskets from family dollar. really lucky that I remembered to do so, I was walking in a daze most of the day.

and today sverre cooked breakfast, really good scrambled eggs, he said that the trick was mix with milk and cook on really really low heat. the hashbrowns were homemade and really good, not over cooked or under cooked. the bacon was cooked a little harsh, need to turn the heat down a bit and cook slower. the toast looked good, I skipped that, but I doubled up on the orange juice. that was great. sverre was the kitchen fairy today, and laundry fairy as well. way kewl.

I seemed to have just collapsed yesterday, I slept off and on from noon saturday to 8 am sunday with only a few waking hours. I must have been wiped out! no sign of Krys or the baby, so I am assuming that they were wiped out as well. the last three weeks have been exhausting. I finally got the family reunion photos up. now just one more daycare to go and then back to marketing and book keeping.